Building scalable webapps on any device has never been easier.

Parsimony is an open source Web Application Management System for Web professionals.

Parsimony User interface

Parsimony makes your dreams of a perfect CMS come true.


After having done our best to launch a maximum-awesome and perfect release, we are now ready to announce an open-source product of three years of cutting-edge research.
Parsimony is released under the Open Software License 3.0.

Scalability & intuitiveness

Parsimony team maintains every byte of code and works hard to make it small and intuitive.
Going forward, the Parsimony community will focus on improving and increasing Parsimony performance, and ensuring the platform remains rock solid.

The future of web development

Aware of what's at stake for the future of web, Parsimony is not just a revolution but an explosion in the world of web development.
To be convinced, just read the features.

"Just what's necessary"

The principle of Parsimony is a scientific one, its short definition is: "the simplest solution is the most appropriate". That’s why we exactly have banned the complexity to leave room for the flexibility and scalability.

Our vision of open source? Help developers to increase their talents and share them!

Do you think Parsimony deserves to be shared?

Download the last release of Parsimony


Develop once for all devices

Parsimony provides an awesome User interface. Managing one media or many doesn’t matter.

Parsimony implements device-optimized sites in two configurations:
Responsive web design uses Media queries to change the page rendering,
Server side Responsive Design serves different resources depending on user agent detection.

No need to create numerous separate websites for each need. No need to use responsive grids.

Customize the features and design in a breeze on any connected device. Reduce your production costs and increase productivity!

				 provides RWD in its user interface

Visual data access

Whenever you implement a feature, the schema of the data itself often need to be modified. More the application is large, the more complex it becomes. It slows down the process and makes maintenance of webapp harder. So Parsimony completely simplified the way of modeling, storing and accessing data.

Build a blog (delivered by default) as well as a large web application (e-commerce, Enterprise Content Management, CRM...).

Wanting to Create or improve your application? It's easy! Parsimony provides four types of visual tools to improve your webapp development.

DB Designer Just drag n' drop fields to model the data architecture.

Query block Drap n'drop Query block to display data.

Form block Drap n'drop Form block to insert or update data.

Fine grained access control Open permissions dashboard to check the CRUD permission, in a few clicks and for any role, allow or deny rights to a module, a block, a page or a field!

Reduce the risks of failure due to customer misreading!

Design on the fly

Create your site (design & features) directly in the browser.
Modify CSS properties in real-time from the front-end and realise stunning HTML5/CSS3 applications.

No more wireframes! Let's take place to real-time designing!
It automates the process of website development right from creating HTML to adding custom CSS styles.
It provides a platform to develop CSS visually and hence, gets rid of the old and tedious process of using browser tools like firebug to manually try out different variations of your style.

Spend less time in development and more time being creative!

CSS panel, all of the stunning CSS3 properties are at your fingertips.

Lightweight and robust

We simply use OOP & the best native PHP functions for performance and lightness.

We've attempted to make learning Parsimony easy and exciting, create very clear, concise documentation and provide a simple and structured PHP 5.3 code

We have sought to justify our technical choices as often as possible.

Perhaps are you wondering what can fit in as little as 2,67 Mo unzipped or 875 Ko tar-gzipped?

Lighten the load on your server and optimize your SEO!

At your fingertips

A number of stunning functionalities, such as design, content editing or development are in real time and at your fingertips (managing pages, blocks, creation of a new module). In fact, this is the goal: simplify web development!

Our opinion in the field of webapps development is that the fusion of back ends into front ends simplifies development. No more back ends when possible!

Real-time fetaures: edit in line, dropping blocks, dropping fields, creating pages, managing permissions, controlling your designs with CSS properties, file explorer

At your fingertips: in-browser code Editor, managing pictures (resizing, shrinking, and cropping), settings of the cache, the pages, RESS, RWD etc.

Now, you only have to look at the features and the documentation to realize how tools are advanced to achieve perfection!

Web Component & REST ready

Web as a platform

Web component ready: jump in the web development revolution.
Leverage your existing skills. Reuse your code.

REST ready: ready to build awesome web apps by integrating web services.

Reduce costs and increase productivity with the Open Web Platform.

Updates every 7 weeks
Next release : v4.0, 31 / 07 / 2015