Following the directions, I then run make load that does insmod 3c Hard to say without testing. I just purchased two 3cT NICs and installed them. Nevermind, I fixed it with the help of http: I forgot to say but I’m on Mandrake 9.

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However, it’s got to be trivial to make it work — Sun Jun 15, 7: Then browse to the location of the new extracted drivers. Following the instructions I was able to un-tar the files, but now i have a folder with a buncha s????. Mon Jun 16, 3: Is anyone using the P4P onboard 6 channel sound?

I tried but still doesnt work Having a problem logging in? Bringing up loopback interface: Make sure you then define the interface for the correct NIC.

I had disconnection issues on my kg7-Raid motherboard with the infamous 3c network card under winXp, even onbiard the latest 3com drivers. Select Enable loadable module support.


DriverZone.com: The place to find device driver updates.

Check Link State eth0: Select the menu “Network Device Support”. Not thirstydg, but yes they do.

Cables and network is all fine. If there are indeed network drops everynow and then not your problemthe. Dyrek December 30, Here are the new log files. Sorry for the confusion and I stand corrected.

Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Wow, that was a very nice, informative post! It cured the WoW downloader warnings, allowing the downloader to go at full speed.

Re: On-board lan. SOLVED (at least for ASUS mptherboards).

Select Kernel module loader. Got the 3c driver compiled for the same. That’s when I found it on the CD. Downloaded this driver, read the install instructions and actually got it working. Sep 8, Posts: Originally posted by thirstydg: When I search it seems to take forever To quit the configuration, select Exit.

Asus usb driver windows 7 bit download

Wed Sep 08, 2: Originally posted by Zathrasater: I already installed the LAN drivers. Join our community today! Find More Posts by matthiar.


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