Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see just how much more realism can be added. All the benchmarks were performed in Windows 98 Second Edition. Even if there are slight differences, it is hard to spot. The color settings section allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma of your display. It also reports the amount of video memory built into the card.

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The heatsink is then attached to the GPU with thermal glue, a cooling setup that we do not normally consider ideal when compared to the thermal grease used by other manufacturers.

It also reports the amount of video memory built into the card. On the other hand, the lighting engine helps enhance the realism of a scene by providing lighting effects. In the crusher benchmark, the TNT2 Ultra snnihilator the highest framerates at x, but falls off at higher resolutions. It seems that many manufacturers are taking this path, as is displayed by the fact that of annihilxtor DDR cards reviewed at AnandTech only ASUS offers a non-reference design board.

Click on the screenshots to view the image in full size.

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator Pro – Card Specs – NVIDIA GeForce DDR Roundup (March 00)

This is well below the maximum bandwidth of the memory. Anyway, Super 7 motherboard users would annihiilator delighted to know that there’s no problem running this card on their existing boards.


With transformation and lighting built into the chipset, it literally frees up the CPU for other processes. Log in Don’t have an account? As anniihlator Vijay said in his other reviews, you just have to make sure that you install the latest VIA drivers, and you should be on your way to having fun with your newly acquired video card.

The package includes the following: Users with slower processors would also benefit with the card, but only at high display resolutions. Upon rebooting your system should detect the new graphic card and subsequently prompts you to install the driver. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

I think that’s enough to get you excited enough already. So, I brought out my thermocouple from the MSPro to make temperature measurements. They should have also included a test pattern to adjust for moire patterns. The item which was shocking about our card was the high overclocked speed that it was able to reach.

Bear in mind that my tests were all performed in an open space, so it does not simulate an actual enclosed environment. Game-2 The rendered scene between the two cards look almost identical. On the software side, Creative Labs’ has chosen to include at least one anjihilator game: However, if you take a closer look, the GMax still produces sharper images compare the 3D Mark logo near the center of the image.


The fast paced and adrenaline saturated races are somewhat equivalent to today’s computing technology. As usual, there are not much contained inside, with only the card, two CDs and a manual.

This Product is provided courtesy of. The key is the price.

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator 2 GeForce 2 GTS

Rather than repackage the reference drivers or copy them fully, Creative Labs created their own driver set named the “Blaster Control. I remember reading a review elsewhere which claimed that the GeForce temperature was less than 40 degrees. Anyway, it is the same Hypro Bearing fan used in their TNT2-Ultra cards although I wished they would have used a larger piece of heatsink with more fins and density. Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger view of the card.

Texture Resolution Once again, the difference is hard to tell.

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator Pro GeForce DDR

DirectX 7 is installed together with annuhilator driver by default. Anyway, it is clear that nVidia is serious to stay on top. Users would be relieved to find the inclusion of a fan on the chipset.