You could also look at using a 2N or TL driver instead. I went through my stash of capacitors and found a volt, 1 micro-farad capacitor. If the output is weak, the primary polarity may need reversing. It can however be overdriven a little, to some 24V maybe. And even this transformer have a magnetic stunt act like an current limiter.

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Flyback Transformer Drivers

Hi Andrew Did you check the battery zvd when you are drawing arcs? April 9, at Hi, could you suggest a flyback to use for this project?

This circuit is nice if an intention is to get maximum voltages out of a flyback, by tuning the resonant capacitor you alter the efficiency, too. Pictures Sparks at 5v. Oh God, sorry everybody, I find out that I picked up resistors with wrong value.

Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

Longest arc — mm long white arcs Schematic. Specifications Voltage supply 35 VDC from a rewound microwave oven transformer.

In the schematic its written if RC1 not used short it, it will be open not short. Pictures Spark at 5v. Hi Mads, The atx power supply have a nice features that I think it is suitable for this driver than the transformer. Hey Robert nd often means No Diode, but you should check the data sheet to be sure about differences zzvs parts. So when I reduce the flux density or volt per turns it will make the transformer run cooler but also decrease the maximum current that I can draw.


Make sure zs have thick wire for the primary coil.

THORPNICS: Zero voltage switching (ZVS) technique.

Parece que no tienes mucho tiempo para responder los comentarios …. Hey jozef nice project! Hi Mads, Thanks again for yours and Dylans advice.

September 9, at Check to see if you have found the correct ground pin. Your email address will not be published.

The mains voltage here is V so running it off mains is not something ill be doing any time soon, although my Solid State Tesla coil runs off mains. Hello Mads, Thanks for all of your awesome work. Sorry just curious, awesome project! Here’s a schematic of the ZVS. I also tried to add a snubber filter in parallel with zsv primary coil but then there is no arc Also i tried your configuration with a nF capacitor in parallel with primary coil and the arc becomes very weak.

You would have to experiment with larger L and C values to bring the frequency down. The problem with making my own is that I do not have an LCR meter to measure the inductance of a homemade inductor.


I remember the drivers of my youth, sucking hard. I have tried some different frequencies but still the same. The ground pin can be found by finding the pin the Zvss arcs to the most.

Flyback driver #2: NE555 quasi-resonant

Do you use active cooling for the transformer? As you can imagine, the arcs were insane! The caps I used are rated for V AC: In my experience, it’s very difficult to judge solely based on paper. Hi I just got into flybacks……But i have about 13 of them sittin around and i like zcs but i wish i could use the original pins….