6.0.6000.16386 MAXTOR DRIVER

I tried burning an iso from the “JaS. We take our product quality very seriously at Microsoft and I look forward to resolving these issues. Sunday, March 23, 1: Say NO and try these and the other methods in the previous reply. This should bring to the functionality prior to installing the KB.

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April 27th, Also it seems very sluggish when starting from sleep? Start-up repair, system restore, nor windows complete pc restore 66.0.6000.16386. If the component exposing the flaw is a core component then it is likely that almost all updates will come with this component update.

Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery 6.0.6000.16386

I didn’t find this easy to reproduce, other than uninstalling the “performance update”. Until they fix it can anybody tell me if turning off power saving on the hard drives does stop this from happening or not? PC was left on, since it’s fairly quiet. The disk does not spin down after a specified time of inactivity. I am going VERY public with what is going on here. If you still cannot find your serial number, you can try contacting Acronis Customer Central here: Generally resuming from Hibernation or Sleep is sluggish although disks are quite fast enough and computer has 2gb ram on a highend ni SLI motherboard.


Since installing Vista 64bit and update KB ive had this random frequent every 5 mins whiring clicking noise. Tuesday, November 27, 3: Try waiting 6.0.6000.16386 SP1 to come out. Just to make sure.

Anybody else facing such problems with SP 1 installed? Sunday, December 23, 8: Just with response to bluedude. I purchased 2 Maxtor One Touch 4 external HDs — one 4 mini gb portable and 1 one touch 4 plus gb for at home. This has been very frustrating for some time now and I never made the corrolation between the issue and KB Here’s a direct quote of a user at AnandTech http: In reply to spyrogyro’s post on October 12, Also your System maker will sell the physical disks cheap since you already own Windows.

My power settings for hard drive power off were on variuos times, 20, 30, minutes, even Never, and yet my drives would spin up and down constantly.

Sign in to vote. It just turns out that it was a PayPal plugin. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. What hardware are you using to reproduce this issue?


Hard drive spins up and computer sluggish after installing official KB

I’m buying a mac. Is there a power madtor or something that’s affecting it? Tuesday, January 29, Windows Vista on E: I just want to also throw in my two cents that I too have been suffering with this problem for a long time now. I think your system has crashed so you need to do fresh operating system installation.

My secondary drive is still spinning up and down, although the frequency seems to be less than previously–maybe once every minute instead of once 6.0.600.016386 20 seconds. Tuesday, November 27, 5: