Fan headers are easily accessible at different positions on the TForce P Deluxe. You may also be interested in While the pin ATX power connection is in an awkward position, Biostar stated this was the best possible location for stable power delivery, and we are seeing this location utilized more and more on other P and X boards now. The Biostar TForce P Deluxe motherboard handled overclocking very well from the start, quickly reaching MHz before the system started to show signs of instability. All this overclocking was done without having to increase either the northbridge or southbridge voltages, what we need is a MHz processor to see this motherboard really fly. Basic Performance The performance of the board was at times in the upper segment of our roundup and at others near the bottom when excluding the ASRock value board.

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Conclusion : Biostar TForce P Deluxe (Intel P) –

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This board did not require a BIOS of the day or week to work with various Conroe steppings or to address memory performance and stability issues.

We once again contacted Biostar and chastised them for this omission. Next up we’ll be benchmarking the Biostar TForce P Deluxe motherboard, but first it’s time for a little overclocking The board is either highly optimized or the reported CAS 3 anomaly at DDR has l965 up for any inadequacies to put its performance at its peak.

We started out this review with niggling doubts that bioztar Biostar TForce P motherboard would just fall into the sea of mediocrity as with most unimpressive mainstream offerings.

Anything higher and the motherboard would not boot into Windows. While our board and BIOS are from the first production run, we were surprised after dealing with our other P based boards at how stable and generally dialed in this board is right now.


This gives the board a more well rounded feature set for a mainstream board and be able to keep costs to a reasonable level without additional third party controllers.

Overall, we like the general layout and options on this board.

While Gigabyte, Foxconn, ECS, Abit, and others have released or are in the process of releasing mainstream P boards, we congratulate Biostar for having a board of this quality available quickly. The board also surprised us with its innate chipset cooling performance. Starting at MHz the motherboard frequency was increased in MHz intervals, yes I was a bit impatient. That allowed the motherboard to reach just a bit higher and it maxed out at a top speed of MHz.

Conroe Buying Guide: Feeding the Monster

In the second column are the general specs for the reference platforms this Intel based system is tflrce be compared against. Fixed at 33 Dynamic Tuning: Thus far, we’ve noted that many new Core 2 Duo motherboards have issues supporting certain types of DDR memory and are sometimes plagued by compatibility issues, but not so with the TForce P Deluxe.

The p9655 would be great for use with VOIP, or other conferencing technologies. Log in Don’t have an account? If you’re new to Overclocking and not sure what to do, check out these two excellent Guides for some pointers: Good system airflow is important.

There are also more advanced memory timing adjustments. If anything, Biostar has to work on their layout. Having plenty of USB ports is great, but if they’re all via motherboard headers it kind of defeats the purpose. Biotar a few more attempts to increase the speed, the TForce P motherboard settled on a maximum speed of MHz. The Biostar TForce P Deluxe motherboard handled overclocking very well from the start, quickly reaching MHz before the system started to show signs of instability.


The Intel ICH8R Southbridge will produce a bit of heat on its own, but is also passively cooled with a simple heatsink. When we installed our X and started testing for maximum FSB overclocking we were treated with a 9x result that indicates additional headroom is available on this board and hopefully the board will reward us with higher overclocks in the next BIOS revision, so we might find the true FSB ceiling on the board to be near About Us Employment Privacy Policy. During our benchmarking session, the board was also able to deliver very competitive performance against some of the better-known P motherboards in the market from ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI.

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Either way, we’re not complaining; the end results speak for themselves. Please note that we only post pictures of the interesting BIOS sections, no one really cares about integrated peripheral options or boot devices do they? Before starting to overclock, the memory was set to run in DDR MHz mode, this way it will not limit the pp965 top speed.