Did you find this review helpful? However all UF all-in-one master keyboard sit in a metallic body with cool pure black, at the first moment you touch UF keyboard, you will fall in love with it. However, for other samples eg Scarbee on Kontakt , it’s all good and it was a pleasure to use it if you do not forget to select the curve by 2, otherwise it need to type as a sick on the keys for the desired dynamic. Why have a keyboard very good if everything related to computers securely kidding I do not buy back more this keyboard unless new drivers would appear. UF8 feels good enough to play it as a real grand piano. I improvise on it without problem, and is the main. At this price the?

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I do also redeem anything of that mark if monitoring is as bad.

CME – Driver Download

More drivers from 1 July ! Powerful and plenty of controllers UF keyboard provides 8 knobs, 9 sliders, pitchbend wheel and modulation wheel, and this configuration is almost not available in other Japanese or American product. Mjdi 2 years the product is no longer follow! You should download the “new” drivers January on the CME site and the template to set up immediately the functions mdi knobs and faders for cubase in my case I do not use in the studio too heavy for travel for which I preferred an M-Audio Keystation 88 es-touch semi-weighted.


Moreover, I will not make another choice!

Breath control interface especial for playing orchestral sounds. It is a basic function of any claviriste scne uses. Otherwise, I am agree with the opinion prcedent on this keyboard, as pianist admittedly “only” five years of conservative, but I also play jazz or rock for a while Cem can tmoigner it is not bad.

I put “5” since this keyboard have me served for 2 years. I really wonder no more knobs and faders! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

I do not mean distributors that are very accessible and understanding. It is robust, very heavy and strong. These same controllers can also be used as organ drawbars for VST appropriate.

The four velocity curves are a bit primitive, but you can adjust in Cubase for example. Only default relement notable for me, but that does not impede me beyond measure when the surprise happens is the noise made when you play the keys At this price the? People say anything stupid, there cmd several pedal inputs, and Breath Control.

The keys feel like I’m playing a grand piano, cmr it comes with a sustain pedal, usb cord, ac cord, software drivers, and instr. The UF80 is likely to be better, but I have not tried it yet. Saw the release of the new keyboard CME including these ridiculous expensive Miidi junk with motorized fadersone can find UFX cheap and in my opinion one occasion. It looks like its off a space ship.


It provides you with the mixi piano touch feeling as well as the reliable durability. Touch is a little hard, but it’s not a keyboard against a spring, and it is incomparably better than the M-Audio. Originally posted on FutureProducers. UF is the most cost effective omnipotent master keyboard available.

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But it’s not top top U can control Pro Tools only stop, start, rewind, and FF or a sequencer through it. However the unit was fine.

Log in Become a member. I have found bitterly last update from January ! It came from NM and the box took quite a beating.

With experience, you do again this choice? What is so special that you like most and least? I could understand after 10 years Too bad there is cm bit drivers: