Later this year they are releasing a version of the driver that will have all the torx bits necessary to fix your I. The bit driver adapter lets you all the hex bits with the Zilla Tool Jr. ThCRKT is well made but a little heavy. Occasionally we see interesting designs that depart from the norm and are pretty much in a league of their own. I take them in my carry on baggage.

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CRKT Get-A-Way Driver Review

Chief of the Absolutely No Life Club! There is a 10mm hex cutout as well but I have yet to find a use for this size.

Logged In order to be certain of having the right tool for every job Gwtaway actually have both. The Topeak is well made but I’ve had trouble with the head swivelling unexpectedly.

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Not the best idea huh? Posted on 3 Crkh J-sews on September 21, Those are pretty much my feelings about every bit driver gadget I have come across.


Poor build quality -a dissapointment! The end of the driver also has a bottle opener which works rather well on a variety of bottles and works better in my opinion than the one on the Guppy.

Note that it comes with 9 bits compared to 5 for the Get-a-Way. To celebrate we’re giving a ton of stuff away. However if you need more torque you have the ability to pull out the hex driver and place it in the hex cut-out underneath the body of the tool. I use it mostly as a bike tool, but it has a pretty useful bit set for other things as well.

Some of the other features of the Get-A-Way Driver include an Oxygen wrench for those who work in the field and need such a device. You can use it as an angle driver when the going gets tough by moving the bit adapter to the hex driver wrench.

CRKT Get-a-way Driver

What do you EDC? We estimate that stock will be here in 4 — 6 Weeks.

As a compact screwdriver, it has four standard flat and phillips hex bits to tackla almost any job. Tuesday, 20 January For an extra fee you can get this item for Wednesday 2nd January The driver itself is normally used in the forward position, this is well enough for most screws you encounter.


Are you into Swiss Army Knives? As such, we have, as a world spanning community, put every type, size and version of multitool, multifunction knife, pocket knife and all related products to every test we could manage in as many places and environments as there are.

No Life Club Posts: Where is the Topeak Toolbar made? If they did, I’d rate it significantly higher. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. Works tools if they need adjusting.

Topeak Toolbar or CRKT Getaway driver? – General Tool Discussion –

With reduction in size came compromises. Keep the Unworkable working! Why not join us over on the Multitool. September 23, ,