The power budgeting jumper on the board is designed to ensure proper configuration of the product. At this stage we do not have SR6. Each of these slots provides a certain maximum amount of power by default, e. Posted by zdargahi on 11 Nov 7: Custom built computers are still available today with ISA slots, we sell one with 3 ISA slots, for more information, click here. Click here for detailed information about playing and recording wave files.

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After installation use the Dialogic Configuration Manager to configure and start the board. The IVR4Line sample program demonstrates one method of dialogc an application that supports multiple telephone devices simultaneously.

These cards are not compatible with PCI-Express slots.

Dialogic Technical Information

Sign up for a new account in our community. Create agent systems, customer support solutions, allow customers to press a digit and be connected to a representative, conference lines together and more. Click here for a pictures illustrating the differences in the PCI slot types.

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Click on Add 7. Dialogic does not have a configuration setting for the volume level. For Windowsselect the Advanced tab. We also only offer limited technical support and only to paid support customers. It is not backward compatible with any of the previous PCI cards. You dialoggic install the GlobalCall software separately here. Sometimes this can be overcome by increasing the Ring back Timeout.

Telephony hardware – Dialogic Phone Voice Cards

Start the Dialogic service using the DCM 2. Posted by Jeff Mason on 18 Jul 4: For some reason the perfect call feature dialogkc not working correctly. If you set the IVM to answer after 2 rings it will actually answer after 4 rings. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Click on Detect boards to set the correct number of devices.

Click on the Hardware tab 3. In addition, this sample program demonstrates how to read back the CallerID number to the caller.


Some customers in the UK have reported a problem with the doubling of the number of rings. For detailed information open the Dialogic Master. Start the Dialogic services using the DCM 2. Fortunately the Dialogic boards and drivers are dependable although a bit picky about certain event sequences and timing.

As noted above, the “loop” capability tapo not properly implemented and can even lock the Dialogic TSP. You will receive a warning that a digital signature is not found. You should still follow the instructions supplied with your Dialogic board.

These files not available on Dialogic. To test for a dial tone you have to set the property etLine. They look like the standard single-line RJ jack, but have an additional pair of wires to support the extra line.

Dialogic Technical Information

Click on Close 1. You need to set the etPlay. Windows will attempt to find any new plug and play devices.