It’s the normal procedure actually, plug the card in, install the drivers and play! It’s only when using 3DMark99 with Diamond drivers that you’ll see the blocky effects. It’s got 11 levels, and three new deathmatch levels – only two are mentioned on the box. Game-2 Here, again you can see the blockiness and lack of smoothness in the image. No part of the above is to be reproduced, copied or modified without the permission of the WebMaster.

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Game-1 Lack of proper filtering methods in the Diamond drivers, the picture looks pixelated and the sky doesn’t come out as intended. Diamond Monster Fusion Z manual. This was on a hot Sydney night, but just the same – don’t get the idea that this cooling system is so great that you can overclock without monstr care. This is where Diamond engineering comes, modifying the reference Voodoo-Banshee from 3dfx to get the maximum performance as we’ll fuaion on later on.

You won’t know the difference till you actually try it with your own monitor. The results for P are not accurately reflected here because of a few tests that yielded wrong results.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. I give the 2D portion of this chip 3. But after the driver installation on some of the slot-1 systems, you’ll be met with the annoying prompt, “Your display adapter is not properly configured”. Monstter of course followed up with possibly the most popular Voodoo2, the Monster 3D2. Makes no sense why would anyone buy this card. The other chief point of interest is the fan-cooled heatsink on the main chip; the ultra-low-profile fan is built into the heatsink, and the whole assembly is no bigger than the standard “prickly” heatsinks included on boards like the Viper V reviewed here.

Diamond as usual provide only a CD-insert-sized booklet on installing the Monster Fusion – the box is big enough for the complete works of Shakespeare, but, again as usual, contains mainly fresh air.


At the bottom diamonnd this menu, you’ll see another new option called Diamond-Properties. If you’ve got a DVD drive without a hardware decoder board, sgp may also be glad of the included SoftDVD package, which on speedy machines a paper insert included with the documentation warns you that SoftDVD will only work on Pentium II processors can play DVD movies at very high quality – but only on your computer monitor, since the Monster Fusion has no TV output.

Little did anyone knew that the Banshee, which was introduced in the 3rd quarter of 98, became the last chip that was available to other board makers before it bought STB to manufacture and sell their own boards. I really have monstdr idea what is it trying to measure and how accurate it is.

This helped me halfway only; Installing windows again helped me very much. So you can see that it’s a small chore to move the mouse to the Start-button on every boot-up that’s why I got myself the Diamomd keyboard with extra-buttons to assign short-cuts, program links, CD-player controls and the keys themselves feel better than those bog-standard keyboards: And who said it isn’t?

Diamond Monster Fusion

mojster But the 3D games that I ran showed no image flaws of what-so-ever. I have read before in some other reviews that the card is clocked higher than other Banshee’s and it’s true! Not only does it operate at the AGP 1X specification, it also doesn’t allow for the transfer of textures over the AGP bus due to its lack monstsr support for AGP side-banding the transfer of data on both the rising and falling edges of the AGP bus, i. While the 2D image quality could definitely be improved, for most users with 17″ or smaller monitors, the Banshee shouldn’t be a huge disappointment.

JHSnet: Student Life-Monster Fusion Diamond video card

They monstee lots and lots of eye-catching Diamond Stealth boxes must be based in the Trio and 64 but were aptly named Stealth and 64 respectivelyenough to make the ‘joe’ user believe that it was the leading brand. Even in by resolution it only managed But seriously speaking it’s the best Banshee card in the market with wonderful tools to go with it.


Here’s how the normal Diamond setup looks like:. The most glaring mistake would be the lack of a proper manual, especially from a company like Diamond.

Overall 3Dfx aren’t aiming the Banshee chipset at hard-core gamers, and agl for the most popular 3D games even a fast Banshee board like the Monster Fusion isn’t quite up there with Voodoo 2, let alone the Riva TNT. On the dusion hand, Banshee supports by and even by in 3D, rather than the by you’re stuck with if you use a single Voodoo 2 – you need twin Voodoo 2 cards in Scan Line Interleave mode for by I’m not saying that the Asus has a protruding combo that disturbs the nearby card but the Diamond combo has more room and less congestion between itself and the neighbouring card, if any.

The 3D on the other hand is based on the Voodoo 2 core with a higher clockspeed and only a single chip solution, which means you don’t get the beautiful bit color rendering for 3D. The Banshee boasts the same pixel processing unit which is found on all Voodoo2 boards, and therefore does retain some of the power of its bigger brother. This is a pretty good one, though.

Save yourself the aggravation – do like the docs say, and switch to VGA before installing. The Banshee’s output looks dithered and blocky while the TNT’s output is fairly clear and good in comparison.