Getting Pumped for ! You are not alone in your preference – we conducted a recent “blind” survey of 2, homeowners meaning, folks surveyed didn’t know HON was asking Q’s. So, swithcing may not be any more of an improvement! They basically have no dust holding capacity, a thin layer gets on the cells and that’s it. Nothing at all wrong with what you want to do. Also read about the hassle of cleaning this EAC. All good advice here.

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And do these things actually work better than I think that they do?

Makes the expensive filter media last longer. Oil Burners Pro’s Forum: I removed the two cartridges not sure if this is the correct name from the EAC housing. Just looking for some advice to get cleaner air in this house.

Related Forums The place where Electrical professionals meet. Natural flowing Artesian well – run off piping clogged. My reasons are the following: So overall, it looks like the swap was successful! Just moved into a new house a few months back.


If you think about the amount of time the furnace is running that is the only time a filter has a chance of working so it’s pretty minimal unless you run blower motor constant. It has a Carrier electronic exc cleaner installed. Which screw for hasp lock? Auto Delivery from Filtersfast.

They do now available at your favorite home improvement store for cheaper than I sell the Honeywell for. I don’t know if the EAC is working as well as a typical filter, like I had at the old house. We install EAC’s, but only when a customer is already set on the idea. We respect your privacy.

Lennox 72H09 EAC-2000 Carbon Filter Replacement

General Discussion Pro’s Forum: Electronic air cleaners need to be cleaned monthly with harsh chemicals to be effective and the power supplies can fail on them. We’ll see how they work now. The 6 is how wide they are. I have allergies to dust and it seems to me like my allergies have been really bad since moving to this house.

Remember that as part of the swap, I removed the charcoal post-filters because I’ve never needed any in my previous home, and have never had any odour issues – just a good media filter was always enough.


When my old furnace finally quit I specified they install a big filter box so I could use eeac pleated filters. Apparently, the charcoal filters had been absorbing this smell before.

You will only be charged when your orders are placed. Find all posts by Marq1. I’ve read about folks simply replacing the cartridges with a filter.

Then One Foggy Service Call Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email rac. The time now is Not a DIY job.

Replacing Carrier EAC With Filter – Community Forums

You dac get a 5″ thick filter with the correct height and width and put a 1″ fiberglass upstream to work as a pre-filter. One of the reasons we replace them is the fact that most customers don’t know or simply don’t want to perform the task of cleaning the pre-filters. Find all posts by user