January 15, The “Gumball PC”. Adjust your device settings appropriately. I bought it from MWave. The EPIA Ms also have control over the absolute picture position in software, though not with the horizontal and vertical scaling found on some TV output cards. I haven’t benchmarked it yet but Quake3 plays quite nicely at x Seriously, given the small speed bump, I’d recommend the M over this. Let’s just say that “upgrading” is not what took place here

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The VIA EPIA M Mini-ITX Mobo is out – Ars Technica OpenForum

Everything you actually need to have a fully functioning system is included on the EPIA-M series of motherboards. Fri Mar 07, 5: Sat Dec 29, 5: Besides, the GameCube is too recent. I think the M with the Nehemiah is a very sellable product, and I’d likely get one for myself, but with the old core I still wouldn’t recommend it. We eventually had the idea that the problem was due to grounding improper, or otherwise. Downloads Mobo ID Tools. There is only one PCI slot for your inline peripherals but since the board has so many feature options available that should not pose m10000 significant problems.


It is much faster than other onboard video I’ve experienced.

Or AIW or something? Possibly — looks like a northbridge-style heatsink mount two pins.

Wed Feb 26, I got it from excess-solutions. Do you think this could be a refresh problem that it learns from software knoppmyth, the bios, the xf86config-4, elsewhere? The classic EPIAs in Windows support VGA video resolutions of x, x, x in 16 or 32 bit colour and x and x in 16 bit colour.

I can’t give a temperature because the hardware monitoring is whacked-out reporting 23C, which is obviously wrongbut judging by feel I’d guess around 40C under load. I played with KnoppMyth and the XF86Config-4 file for a very long time before considering that my video issues may be motherboard related – but before I wrote it n10000, I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts.

BIOS text is blurred and too bright vkdeo though still usable. Its really nice and does DVDs perfectly. The overall digital media experience is further enhanced by support for 5.

Via Epia M10000 Mini-ITX — Initial Impressions

I have it connected to my receiver via 5. Mouser carries the even-quiter ADLB 5. December 07, The “Tortoise Beetle”. How to Guides Interviews Tech-planations. Plugging it into other components such mm10000 the VCR it does it a different version of wrong. Nov 22, Posts: This is a good via resource: December 15, The “Deco Box”.


Jun 27, Posts: Does it have an AGP slot? I remember something similar happening mm10000 this drive on my old Duron system, but this drive works just fine with an wire cable on my current Athlon system. On a whim I tried a wire IDE cable instead of an wire cable and now it works perfectly! I haven’t benchmarked it yet but Quake3 plays quite nicely at x Fri Mar 14, 7: For grins, we hooked it up to his main TV.

EPIA Ms in Windows support VGA video resolutions of x, x, x, eia, x, x, x and x all in 16 or 32 bit colour.