The option headers are lined up at the bottom of the board in out-of-the-way locations. Jan 15, Posts: The company’s motherboards usually excel in very good performance relative to other boards at the same price, and the company persists to give good performance at a decent price as well as good OC options and increased stability. The EPoX panels are easy to identify because the panel manufacturer has maintained the same design over the years – the EPoX panels are among the least beautiful ones to be found, and while other manufacturers combine bright colors and lighted cooling bodies, EPoX actually maintains a minimalistic design which has become a hallmark its. The basic layout of the Epox is generally excellent, with some standout elements and a few glaring layout faults. Mar 8, Posts:

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Is it likely that a BIOS update will take care of this? This will be fine in most case designs, buit it could be an issue in a full tower case supporting upper bay hard drives Overall, the arrangement of SATA and IDE connectors will work well in most case designs.

Okay, I realize this thread is not very old, but I’m really anxious to get this solved.

EPoX 9NDA3+ Socket (nForce3 Ultra) Motherboard Review

Try HWzone in English. I tried mounting it the other direction and it is certainly not possible. Since many users no longer even use a floppy drive, this may not matter, but if a floppy drive is still part of your build, this location will be a challenge in 9ndz3 cases. Try mounting the heat sink in this orientation If you can do so with only gentel nudging of the caps.


EPoX 9NDA3 +

Assuming I’m up shit creek without a paddle, can anyone recommend me some good 9nda33 that doesn’t have spreaders? Brantford, ON, Canada Registered: The company was already in the public consciousness in the days of the AthlonXP and the nForce2 when it presented relatively inexpensive motherboards that provided excellent performance and especially brought OC results impressive by all accounts.

The floppy connector is in a terrible location at the bottom right edge of the motherboard. Sun Nov 07, 3: Jan 28, Posts: Thermalright’s site confirms this: Sun Nov 07, 7: Do you have a pic of the interfering bit? Feb 15, E;ox Mar 8, Posts: Is removing the spreaders difficult? I’ve never done that before.

Secret to booting with no RAM in DIMM 1? (Epox 9NDA3+)

A better location, particularly for the pin ATX connector, would have been the upper right edge of the board. BTW – I’ve tested the Corsair numerous times and it epoxx flawless.

Mon Nov 08, 1: I e-mailed Epox tech support, but you know that will take a while. Zathrasater Ars Praefectus Tribus: More articles More articles.

Here is a picture of your heatsink clearing some RAM with heat spreaders. If you remove the spreaders your warranty is VOID. This situation is gonna be a bit expensive to correct unless there is a way to boot with no memory in DIMM 1 or someone wants to help a bro out and swap some good heatspreader-less memory for my trusty Corsair.


If it’s the heatpipe, obviously I wouldn’t recommend that.

Review: EPoX 9NDA3 S nForce3 Ultra – Mainboard – – Page 8

As noted, EPoX tries to appeal to as many 9nxa3 as possible on its boards, so increasing the number of pitches on the board is in line with this strategy. We liked the facebook page of the zoon. The only exception is the audio connectors, which are in a much more reasonable spot between the AGP and first PCI slot. You know that they are Epox from the motherboard color, but it is not a color that is particularly attractive in an open-case design. Now I just need to find out if I must.

However, the common “push to releas”” lever that works fine with most cards can be a real pain with very large top end cards like the nVidia Ultra.