Thanks guys , i’ll get back here and let you know how i got on. Forums Posts Latest Posts. San Franisco Bay Area Status: I have also heard conflicting stories about which drive to use. Definately worth a try. JeffreyHam jhatc1 Hey Jeff I’ll have to try using floppy or cd to update the bios.

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How can i register a giveaway item? This evgq the need to back up data and follow multiple steps in the process. I have not had success with this. Sounds like you are trying to boot to the floppy??

As you can see that’s quite a colorful palette of functionality and options. Welli got there in the end.

The evha drive appears to be functional but i get floppy disc failure to boot at post error 40? I have been trying to do the same thing for a while. I have also heard conflicting stories about which drive to use. Can i download the RAID drivers and write a new floppy?

User Control Panel Log out. I have found out that i was using a bad IDE cable which is why i was raix no disc found when i tried to start my pc so i swapped for the Seagate cable that came with the PATA drive i am using. Either the floppy cannot be read when i insert it or the disc array is not recognised.


eVGA nForce i SLI mainboard review – Page 2

I’ll update the bios and try that raid driver. Is there a detailed walkthroug for setting up RAID on this mobo here on the forum? There are a couple wvga things thoughthe bios still reads as 2.

View More Photo Galleries. Okso i tried to update the bios through windows using nVidia update but i am still on bios version 2. It’s not a prebuild system.

3rd party RAID on 680i SLI

Hot plug and Native Command Queuing are supported. Well, after I got all windows updates and such.

It’s major features therefore are Core 2 Duo 680k compatibility, which obviously brings DDR2 memory into the ring as well. Is this normal or is the flash memory faulty?

Setting up RAID 0 or 1 on an EVGA 680i mobo

I’ll have to try using floppy or cd to update the bios. I had the same problems as you previously. EVGA i mobo 2x1gb cxrucial rakd mhz Intel core 2 duo 3ghz e i think Geforce gtx 2 x gb Seagate evgaa Samsung sata 22x dvd Antec truepower quatro watt. View More Photo Galleries. I just sent him a step by step to set up his raid. Similar to our I review, the chipset, one x16 PCIe slot is controlled by each chip.


3rd party RAID on i SLI – EVGA Forums

How can i register a giveaway item? Advanced users can access RAID options directly. My last resort is to scratch the Raid and just stick with the one drive Now if you send a product with “FTW” in the evag name then as a company you need to have some pretty big balls, as any reviewer will see if that product lives up-to the reputation. This third slot is x8 PCIe instead of x16, but it could be used for another graphics card on the i.

Please helpi’m at a loss as to the problem. When i reach the part of the installation where it says “insert disc into drive A” for raid controllersi put in the floppy and press enter but the same screen repeats.