Sharpness Adjusting Image Sharpness Scan Resolution Specifying a Scanning Resolution A mailbox needs to be registered beforehand. Original Orientation Set the default value for [Original Orientation] when scanning. Lower left frame Displays a link to the Fuji Xerox home page.

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If you want to use [Cover Note] and [Remote Mailbox], set them when registering each recipient in address numbers. Basic Copying Auto Copy All The height and width ratios are set automatically to match the paper size and the document is copied at a slightly reduced size to prevent image loss at the edge of the original. Using The Telephone Using the Telephone Using the Telephone This section describes how to use an external telephone connected to the machine with the fax feature.

This setting automatically identifies text and photo areas to scan each area with optimum quality. For information on error codes, refer to “Error Code” Disabled Even when the set retention period has elapsed, documents are not deleted. If you intend to send a third party to collect your goods on your behalf, you need to send them with a copy of your winners e-mail along with a photocopy of your photo ID and signed note of authority permitting Grays staff to release your purchases to the third party.

Notes And Restrictions 17 Appendix Notes and Restrictions This section describes the notes and restrictions to observe when using the machine. If you select [Billing Data List], the following screen for specifying a range of address numbers is displayed. The job flow automatically starts when a document is stored.


Fuji Xerox Launches ApeosPort 450 I / 350 I

If the PostScript 3 kit is being fuuji, download the required font. By setting the most commonly used features, you can avoid extra operations such as selecting tubs.

Charge Print Settings Loading Paper In The Tray 5 bypass You ffuji also specify the size of the paper so that faxes are sent at the same paper size.

By setting data encryption, when data is written to the hard disk, the data is automatically encrypted. Select filtering conditions, then select tuji.

On the [All Services] screen, you can select from four scan modes: Features Overview Proxy Server and Port Number The following describes proxy server settings and a port number required for this service.


Normally, each of the trays is set to plain paper. In the [Password] field, enter a password up to 20 digits.

Page 11 System Settings Delete Charge Print Documents Select whether or not to delete charge print documents after the expiry date has expired. When using CentreWare Internet Services, more detailed settings are possible.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort 450 I Photocopier

Related Information Sources We provide the following guides for optimum usage of the machine. The ApeosPort series was developed amid advancements in network technology and the proliferation of IT to provide flexible solutions to management problems caused by a changing social and business environment.


In addition to linking with digital multifunction devices on apeodport network, the machines can also link with PCs, mobile phones, PDAs and a variety of software and services. Delete Delete a stored program. If the Tray 6 high capacity is installed, gently grip the handle on the top left side of the Tray 6 to move the Tray 6 in guji direction of the arrow.

Page Overview of Auditron Administration Scan Service The items you can manage for scan jobs using the Auditron Administration feature are as follows. Page Broadcast Send” P. Select the number of features displayed on the [basic Copying] screen.

Fuji Xerox Launches ApeosPort I / I FujiXerox

Times New Bold Italic 2: Page 13 Machine Status Error History Report You can print the information on the errors that occurred on the machine. Job flow sheets displayed on the screen depends on the settings of the Authentication feature.

This xeox is free for commercial and non-commercial use as long as the following conditions are aheared to. If you have more documents, repeat Steps 3 and 4.