After the call to EstablishContext, a message is displayed: Certain device manufacturer variations of this device may not be compatible. Baker – MSFT 0. Saturday, December 8, 3: Certified is tested by an independent testing authority and has a much higher level requirement of having to pass 32 test cases done by the testing authority. OCR which looks like a Cardman Version 3. Currently, no test case covers this requirement.

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After the call to sCardListReaders, the following messages are displayed: Wednesday, December 19, Friday, December 14, Baker – MSFT 0. As a side note, I notice it was marked atVista wasn’t even released yet at that point.

Title field value.

Ultimately the manufacturer is responsible for fixing their product and testing it properly. Works with info on this device When I plug the reader, the pnp mechanism is launched and the driver is reinstalled. During the call of SCardListReaders function an yemplus message was displayed: All this drivers have been installed with plug and play.


Here’s the smart card info on Winqual http: I am just a little bit desapointed.

An update of the driver indicates that ther is no better version for the driver. The SmartCard service was running. The driver software updated and it shows up perfectly. I have found on a forum which give the solution:. Vixta suppose it’s not a driver problem.

Check each device to see if the driver is “Works with” or even has a Vista Driver. Thanks in advance if you find the solution. Missing CardGetContainerInfo test case for non-authenticated user.

I have make a axact copy of your source code. The problem is very simple: Does UAC on or off make a difference? Help us improve MSDN.

In the window ‘Permissions for Calais’, click OK. First-chance exception at 0xeb09e in Gem;lus.

Thursday, December 6, 7: For more information, go to the device manufacturer’s website or contact your retailer. In the window ‘Select user or groups’, click on Find now.


Is this related to these problems? The truth comes from Belgique: Also, just out of curiousity, what was you logged in as? Do you have the latest drivers from the manufacturers of vistq card readers, and are they explicitly written for Vista?

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See if that makes a difference. OCR which looks like a Cardman Version 3. Application Compatibility for Windows Desktop Development.