Bluetooth is available in flight mode, so you can use a stereo Bluetooth headset. The phone has Bluetooth power-saving mode, which reduces Bluetooth power consumption but can only be used when you wish the phone to connect to only one Bluetooth device at a time. Though not a great capture, the N95 wins here for getting ambient light right and exposing the scene more accurately and with more light. Anybody has any idea about it? It’s a toss up– with each camera winning in different categories. Bottom cover open to show the battery compartment along with the SIM card and memory card slots.

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Camera Flash Flex Cable for Sony Ericsson K850 K850i

It’s on par with the Sony Ericsson Wi, but with slightly better voice quality. If the answer to these questions is yes, the N95 is your animal. Great touch controls, but funky d-pad. Color balance in auto mode is too warm.

Camera Flash Flex Cable for Sony Ericsson K Ki | eBay

The Ki has Bluetooth 2. Though this is a Flsh and not a Walkman phone, the Ki is one of Sony Ericsson’s flagship phones, and the Ki’s music-oriented feature set is identical to most Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. On the back you will find the lens with clear plastic permanent cover over the retractable lens door, the LED pre-focus flash and flash light f,ash wandering around in the darklarger Xenon flash and a long slit that is the speaker grille.

If vlash aren’t important to you, then the Ki is in the running. Download our free Sony Ericsson Ki iSync 2. Front facing video conferencing camera not supported by US carrier services. It supports most every flzsh available profile including the beloved A2DP and AVRC profiles for Bluetooth stereo headsets and headphones a nice companion to the Walkman-like music features.


But it doesn’t work at all Phone is responsive and stable, good HTML browser by feature phone standards. Finally, standard call send and end buttons on a Sony Ericsson phone!!

So I can;t figure out how to download any of them. The camera uses an LED actually 3 tiny LEDs to illuminate the scene for focus and fires the power-hungry Xenon flash only when snapping the photo.

Sony Ericsson 5 megapixel Cybershot with Xenon flash- unannounced Sony Ericsson successor to K850i

That’s not hugely impressive when we’ve seen speeds up to k on smartphones and the upper ‘s for the N Should Ki owners upgrade based on the higher resolution camera? Video playback performance is better when auto-rotate is turned off.

Indoor shots became overly warm as the camera didn’t compensate well enough for incandescent lighting in auto exposure mode with the flash on turning off the flash fixed the problem. Please let me know how! My Blog Urs Siva. Jan 15, Posts: Clearly, Sony Ericsson had to cut down on the keypad and k8850i real estate to avoid enlarging the phone while increasing display size. When the camera app is running the entire screen becomes the viewfinder and it runs in landscape orientation.

Though the N95 tends to over-enhance colors, the Ki’s are more vibrant in this photo.

Fancy stuff for a camera phone, and in fact, the Ki, a bit flwsh than the beloved Nokia N95, makes us want to leave our dedicated point-and-shoot camera at home. The little number keys look like misery but they’re not quite that bad for dialing texting isn’t fun. The Ki inherits the Ki’s little number keys, but these are square rather than round and a bit rubbery for better dialing traction.


Sony Ericsson Ki – Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

The back comprises the camera on the Ki, and is not removable. Audi quality through stereo earbuds and even stereo Bluetooth headsets is excellent, with good stereo separation, strong bass even stronger if you turn on Megabass and clear highs. The Ki strikes us as lightly updated Ki that looks more modern and clean.

No complaints for the other two images to the right, which are excellent. Rather it’s an oblong ring that surrounds the 2 and 5 keys.

Bluetooth is available in flight mode, so you can use a stereo Bluetooth headset. The 5 megapixel camera has an autofocus lens, automatic lens cover and a Xenon flash. The center soft key is usually the one that replaces the d-pad center action, and it’s fairly easy to slide a finger up past the d-pad to press the soft key without too much extra motion nor did we find ourselves accidentally hitting it, it does take a bit of thought and effort to activate the touch sensitive control.