Close the right-side door. Utility Screen The administrator access code 4-digit password must be entered in order to set the Administrator mode functions. The last local ink shop in my area closed. Page 43 Primary paper output tray Collects copies that are not sorted. Touch [Auto-select Paper for Small Original]. The staple cartridge moves to a position from where it can be removed.

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Page 94 Check the print result to make sure that the left margin is adjusted to between 2.

If the door cannot be closed securely, the lever may not be in its correct position. The Copy Track screen appears again. Knoica [Activate] once to change it back to [Inactivate]. Page Metallic parts on the inside of upper cover FN1 are very hot.

Replace the toner cartridge replaced soon.

The default setting is [Yes]. Do not replace the toner cartridge until the message indicating that it be replaced appears in the touch panel.


Close the left-side and right-side misfeed-clearing covers.

Konica Minolta 8031 Instruction Manual

FS Staples for staple binding 5, staples are provided in the staple cartridge. Other Messages Replace the toner cartridge replaced soon. To check the specified settings of a program Touch [Check], and then touch the number of the program that you wish to check. Close the paper drawer. If any message other than those listed above appears, perform the operation described in the message. If the tape is removed with too much printeg, toner may spurt out.


Inside Of Copier Used to remove the imaging unit. Page Close the front door of the finisher. Pull out any paper caught in the fusing unit. Thick2 Thick3 Touch [Expert Mode].

Front door Opened when replacing a toner cartridge. Page Page – To replace the staple cartridge for FS Page Remove the protective cap.

We provide same day shipping if orders are placed before 12 PM. Select the 3-digit account number for the desired account. Follow the procedure below to clear the jammed staples.


Specifying Expert Mode Functions These functions are used to make fine adjustments to the print area margins of a printed image. Transport guide Opened when clearing a paper misfeed within the finisher. Page Use only the lever of the charger-cleaning tool located below the new toner cartridge when using the charger-cleaning tool to clean the charger wire.

To replace the staple cartridge for FS Slide the finisher away from the copier. The paper is low. Page – To clear a paper misfeed in the right-si When The Message “remove Punch Scraps.

Select the desired color mode. Place the printed test pattern on the platen glass with the edge with the printed crop marks aligned along the document scale. Insert the refilled staple holder until it locks konicq place.

Peel off the tape.