Your printed colors can never exactly match your on-screen colors. Printer Object , then Object There is no drying time, no smearing or smudging, and your image is clean and smooth. Make sure the Media Type is set to of paper, select the corresponding Media Type for it, as described on page Macintosh System Requirements To use your printer and its software with a Macintosh, your system should have: Choose Photo Paper 5.

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Log in to the NDS tree or to the server with bindery context with admin or supervisor privileges. Your printer is automatically set to your local port, LPT1.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Follow these steps to set up your printer: IP address for the Ethernet card page 39 4. You cannot print if either ink cartridge is empty.

Epson Stylus Color Driver BE free download for Mac | MacUpdate

For some reason, only text, not graphics, was printed. Only fpson is we still have occasional problems getting a document to print correctly or at all. Using Custom Project Types Server What you need to install mca configure 1.


Run the administrator tool NwAdmin. Follow these steps to print with custom project types: With high temperature or eoson In direct sunlight or dusty conditions Run the Print Head Alignment utility. Make sure the Media Type is set to of paper, select the corresponding Media Type for it, as described on page Installing Acrobat Reader Follow the instructions below to install Acrobat Reader on your hard disk, if necessary: Install the Ink Cartridges 1.

See page 85 for instructions. Replacing An Outdated Ink Cartridge 3. Page 57 – Installing in Windows 98, Windows 95, or The slider is not available for some media types.

Inkjet printers over a network in Mac OS X – CNET

Make sure to give the printer a unique name for the network. One of the following Macintosh models: Install Printer Driver 6.

Aligning the Print Head If your printouts contain misaligned 9000n lines, you may need to align the print head. If ink gets on your hands, wash them thoroughly with soap and water.


Then make sure you have these items: Follow the instructions on the screen and restart your computer. Macintosh computers, you need to select the printer in the Chooser. Put the printer near an available grounded outlet, but avoid areas: Insert the diskette mqc your drive and double-click the diskette icon that appears.

Click server and the printer are assigned to the queue.

Epson 900N User Manual

Unless you are on a Windows NT Server network, you need to install the printer driver on each workstation to enable it to print. Click on hot topics, which are usually underlined or displayed in a different color. Type any new mc up to 19 characters. Double-click the print queue object icon on the NetWare Administrator screen.