Loading Continuous Forms Rear Feed 2. Unpack the ribbon cartridge. The printer has been dropped or its cabinet has been damaged. To change the setting, see the next column. Oki assumes no responsibility for the results of errors beyond its control. As with all electrical equipment, there are a few basic precautions you should take to avoid hurting yourself or damaging the printer: Make sure both the printer and the computer are OFF.

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Plug the power cable into an earthed 3-pin outlet. If you put the printer in any kind of enclosure, make sure it is well ventilated.

OKI ML3320eco [12/57] Connecting to your printer

If you are not sure, check with your dealer or with your local power company. Ifyou have e;son paper in the path, press the PARK button to remove it before loading single sheets. Liquid has been spilled into the housing, or the printer has been exposed to water. Place your printer on a firm, solid surface.

Press TEAR consecutively until the emulation you wish to select prints in the right-hand column. If you are using an extension cable or power strip with the printer, make sure that the total of the amperes required by all the equipment on the extension is less than the extension’s rating. Connecting to the Computer Note: The paper will feed into the printer.


OKI MLeco [12/57] Connecting to your printer

You must supply a shielded cable for epzon your printer to your computer. Make sure the printer is turned OFF. Do not use an adapter to defeat the earthing. Tear off any printed pages.

Aside from the routine maintenance described in this handbook, do not try to service the printer yourself; opening the cover may expose you to shocks or other hazards. Safety Your Oki printer has been carefully designed to give you years of safe, reliable performance. Move the paper separator to the single-sheet feed position.

Replace the pull-up roller. To switch from single-sheet feed to continuous forms: Turn the knob O in the direction of the arrow to take up any ribbon slack. Don’t exceed this unless you know that the power line your equipment ml320/1 plugged into has a rating above 15 amperes.

Place the first two holes in the paper over the tractor pins on either side and close the tractor covers. To adjust the gap, open the access cover and move the blue lever O to the recommended setting from the table below. Read Me First iii 4.


Press SEL to deselect the printer. Printer Drivers The drivers below are listed by decreasing compatibility with your printer: Epeon edition March Install the new ribbon cartridge. Lower the paper separator into the continuous-forms position and swing the wire feed guide over onto the pull-up roller.

Selecting A Printer Driver – Oki ML Help Manual [Page 14]

These are some of the things to look for: Written and produced by the Documentation Department. As with all electrical equipment, there are a few basic precautions you should take to avoid hurting yourself or damaging the printer: Turn the printer off.

If you can not plug it in, chances are that you have an older, non-earthed outlet; contact an electrician to have it replaced with an earthed outlet. Loading Continuous Forms Rear Feed 2. Epsno jest kabel ekranowany.