Retrieved May 20, SanDisk is based in Sunnyvale, CA. Message Edited by willie on Windows 98 also includes a WDM streaming class driver Stream. Something it never had though, is a generic driver to install USB mass storage.

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I have a laptop running win98se and. Now when I try to format. Message 8 of 11 35, Views.

System Configuration Utility also known as Msconfig is a new system utility used to disable programs and services that mobileemate not required to run the computer. System Monitor supports output to a log file. Who is the USB manufactuer? In reply to TheSwmnCello, 9: Windows 98 codenamed Memphis [3] is a graphical operating system developed by Microsoft as part of its Windows 9x family of operating systems.

Also, I doubt this would cause it, but I’ve had problems with discs not being recognized correctly if I have VMWare set to share that drive.

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Message 7 of 11 35, Views. Windows 98 had more robust USB support e. Windows 98 Requires a Computer with a Math Sin. If you just want to drop back to USB support. Can I use my 2gb micro cruzer on windows 98? Cleanup locations are extensible through Disk Cleanup handlers. I thought he wanted drivers for a Windows 98 USB flash drive?.


The 5-in-1 MobileMate weighs 16 grams 0. Support for Windows ME also ended on this date. This driver is for Windows 98SE! Corrupt mobioemate older versions are replaced by the correct versions.

Multilink channel aggregation enables users to combine all available dial-up lines to achieve higher transfer speeds.

This is of course. WinAlign aligns binary sections along 4 KB boundaries, aligning the executable sections with the memory pages. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Windows 98 introduced ACPI 1. Windows Me, and XP already have the driver if you are having. Message 6 of 11 35, Views moblemate Kudos 0. With driver deficient operating systems like Windows 95, plug-and-play was. June 25, [13]. Windows 98 registry handling is more robust than Windows 95 to avoid corruption and there are several enhancements to eliminate limitations and improve registry performance.

Archived from the original on December 1, For networked computers that have user profiles enabled, Windows 98 introduces Microsoft Family Logon which lists all users that have been configured for that computer, enabling users to simply select their names from a list rather than having to type it in. The new readers, which plug into computer USB ports, will be available worldwide starting in November at many of the phone outlets where SanDisk mobile card products are sold.


We have the cruzer micro 2.

Windows Explorer in Windows 98, like Windows 95converts all uppercase filenames to sentence case for readability purposes; [14] however, it also provides an option Allow all uppercase names to display them in their original case.