Max Parris 5 years ago. Peachlarson 5 years ago. But not offered in a mallet yet, but stay tuned…. These heads are all so similar that I would bet that your results are more than likely determining the best shafts…also can you provide a list beyond the top 5 for high swing speeds? Have you thought about going back and repeating the test with a different set of testers and see if you get the same results? Chicagogolfer 5 years ago. Maximizing the Potential of the Charts::

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If things go according to plans, we may start offering OEMs the choice of which category they would like to enter a given driver.

I only see the results for the Cleveland Custom driver. I am going to clear out all the extra clubs in my garage and trade them in for the Ping Rapture.

2014 MOST WANTED – DRIVER (Accuracy Awards)

These result i feel are more accurate to how the driver will perform for average players. Do we think 6 nygolfspy an ideal number?

I tried all of mygolfepy drivers myself with stock shafts and found the Big Bertha Alpha grossly outperformed all others. It all evens out mygolfwpy I believe the winners would be the same but the overall distance and accuracy numbers would be lower for everyone. Charlie 5 years ago. No site that reviews equipment are going to want to use people like Dustin Johnson or Bubba Watson to test clubs. Accuracy IS slightly more important than distance.


I certainly admire your passion, and I do love the D Just make sure you buy the correct tip either.

2014 Golfs Most Wanted Mallet – The Results

Thet are seldom good players: In addition to the control club, we made several key changes to how we calculate the data itself this year. MGS has said it over and over.

mygolfpsy Bryan The data will not tell you exactly which driver is more efficient bc you will not be able to determine which driver was hit closer to the sweetspot more often. The design just does not agree with my swing.

MOST WANTED – Fairway Wood – (Overall Winners)

When we combine the data from all distances measured, and for all of the testers, the Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt was able to give the tester a confident distance number in an average time of 2. Thank you Krank for sending one nygolfspy and congrats to TMag for the longest driver.

Or put constructive criticism, instead of spewing useless verbal diarrhea without reading the criteria of the scoring. The way he was swinging, he could have used any driver that day and won. Details TBD, but something like that…maybe.


MyGolfSpy Most Wanted – Longest Driver

What does the number VS. The top hitters want the hit the best driver. We had testers shoot targets and timed how long it took for them to feel they had a playable number.

Very disappointed for grouping of covert tour and covert performance…. Mygoofspy the clubs we tested, no 3-wood offers a better combination of distance and accuracy with nary a hint of compromise where either is concerned. People can pick through and find the pieces that are important for them. Did the difference in necks make that much difference?

They loved it day1. To minimize fatigue while still allowing for the necessary number of shots to be hit, each of the 22 clubs in our test was placed into mygolfwpy of 3 club groups.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Do we get to hear from the testers on what they thought? I will say this in Kranks defense…. Same club, perhaps just different aesthetically? Com 4 years ago. Then it gets first place in distance here.