It is difficult to observe all usually over 20 data and address bus lines at the same time. Topics Discussed in This Paper. In some designs, a clock-frequency sensor that is perfectly secure under normal operating voltage ignores clock glitches if they coincide with a carefully designed power fluctuation. Memory Read-out Techniques It is usually not practical to read the information stored on a security processor directly out of each single memory cell, except for ROM. The vias in this structure found in a ST16F48A form a permutation matrix between the memory readout column lines and the What about the lead time for mass production9 A: Micro Probing Micro Probing techniques can be used to access the chip surface directly, thus we can observe, manipulate, and interfere with the integrated circuit.

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For the remaining time, the auxiliary threads could just perform random encryptions in order to generate an realistic current pattern during the delay periods of the main application. This can be accomplished by driving the bus with random values or by causing the microcode to perform a write access to an unused RAM location while the processor is inactive.

The design of most non-invasive attacks requires detailed knowledge of both the processor and software. Views Read Edit View history. The time of this sampling interval is fixed relative to the clock edge, but can cafd between individual flip flops. Eavesdropping Techniques Eavesdropping techniques monitor, with high time resolution, the analog characteristics of all supply and interface connections and any other electromagnetic radiation produced by the processor during normal operation.

The various instructions cause different levels of activity in the instruction decoder and arithmetic units and can often be quite clearly distinguished, nagravisioj that parts of algorithms can be reconstructed.

It takes about days to reach you, subject where you nagravisjon. We have designed such a circuit that tests the sensor during a required step in the normal reset sequence.


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All micro probing techniques are invasive attacks. How can I get a sample to check your quality9 A: Nagravisionn simple machine code post processor must be used by the programmer to insert jumps to the next address wherever unconditional branches are more than bytes apart.

In a potential alternative glitch technique that we have yet to explore fully, we place two metal needles on the card surface, only a few hundred micrometers away from the processor.

A flip flop samples its input during a short time interval and compares it with a threshold voltage derived from its power supply voltage.

For large quantity, we suggest to deliver by sea. These images were taken with a confocal microscope Zeiss Axiotron-2 CSMwhich assigns different colors to different focal planes e.

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For urgent orders, we suggest via air to airport plus our ship partner send to your door. Shenzhen Nagravisikn Smart Card Co. Countermeasures Randomized Clock Signal Many non invasive techniques require the attacker to predict the time at which a certain instruction is executed. While such a bandwidth might just be sufficient for observing a single signal line in a 3.

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However, simple high-pass or low-pass RC elements are not sufficient, because by carefully varying the duty cycle of the clock signal, we can often prevent the activation of such detectors. What format of the file do you need if I want my own design? For small nagraviision, express will be best.

This will effectively reduce the clock frequency by a factor of four, nagfavision most smartcards anyway reduce internally the 3. After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality.

We have large production capacity, which can ensure fast delivery time even for large quantity. Better etch rates can be achieved by injecting a gas like iodine via a needle that is brought to within a few hundred micrometers from the beam target.


Marshall Cooper, Group Executive Director and CEO Broadband Multimedia said “A key objective throughout the tender process was to seek out a supplier who could provide leading edge conditional access technology and security, while ensuring the rapid implementation and integration of this service.

Layout Reconstruction The next step in an invasive attack on a new processor is to create a map of it.

EBTs are very convenient attack tools if the clock frequency of the observed processor can be reduced below kHz to allow real-time recording of all bus lines or if the processor can be forced to generate periodic signals by continuously repeating the same transaction during the measurement.

Robust Low-frequency Sensor Bus observation by e-beam testing becomes much easier when the processor can be clocked with only a few kilohertz, and therefore a low-frequency dard is commonly found on smartcard processors.

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Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. The applied mapping remains learly visible.

Using laser interferometer navigation or infrared laser imaging, it is cardd possible to locate individual nagrwvision and contact them through the silicon substrate by FIB editing a suitable hole. Give us an opportunity! If you have carrier account, it will be fine to ship with your account, if not, you can pay the freight charge to our paypal, we will ship with our account. Preferably, the recording should be made with at least bit resolution and the sampling frequency should be an integer multiple of the card clock frequency.